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As if it weren’t ‘Insane’ enough, Tesla’s P85D will get even faster with over-the-air update

Tesla’s Model S P85D, the electric luxury sedan that threatens supercars, is already ridiculously fast.

With the aptly named ‘Insane Mode’ engaged, 691 horsepower and 864 pound-feet of torque hum in wait under the driver’s right foot. The four-door boasts a 0 to 60 mph time of 3.2 seconds, and because of the car’s point and click acceleration and all-wheel drive, that’s available in the real world.

On his Twitter account, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has revealed that the range-topping Model S will get even faster with an upcoming update.

“Tesla P85D 0 to 60 mph acceleration will improve by ~0.1 sec soon via over-the-air software update to inverter algorithm,” he said. “P85 acceleration will also improve, but not quite as much.”

Despite the ridiculous performance, the P85’s two motor setup was originally designed for increased grip in harsh weather, not acceleration.

“Tesla dual motor cars are also all-wheel drive,” he added. “[The] main goal of dual motor was actually insane traction on snow. Insane speed was a side effect.”

Considering the 691-hp Model S keeps pace with Lamborghini Aventadors and Dodge Challenger Hellcats, that’s probably a repercussion we can all live with.

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To illustrate the P85D’s prowess in snow, Elon also posted a video by YouTube user HighTechJoe.

The 90-second film shows the top-end Tesla powering up a 14-percent grade that happens to be covered in powder and ice. It wore Michelin X-ICE Xi3 tires at the time, which take some of the credit, but the slew of stuck SUVs on the side of the road kind of speaks for itself.

Watch the video below.