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The W2 Romotow is the folding, USB-shaped camper of your wildest tech dreams

I’ve never owned a camper, nor have I wanted to, not once. But all that changed when I saw the Romotow, the work of a design firm called W2 out of Christchurch, New Zealand. The camper and its folding action is reminiscent of a thumb drive, and actually makes for a very practical and seemingly pleasant living space. When folded away, the shape is highly aerodynamic, and the materials used to build it are lightweight and won’t sap any more fuel from the towing vehicle than is absolutely necessary. 

The roof is covered in solar cells, there is power-assisted braking, pneumatic shocks and a sort of landing gear to help make sure that the trailer is anchored properly. There is even a backup camera. The inside has a kitchenette, a bathroom, louvered windows and built-in shades. There is an optional barbeque area (this is New Zealand, after all) and customers will be able to choose from a variety of built-in furniture. The idea is for the camper to be adaptable to a number of different situations and needs, and there will apparently be a version that will be suitable as both a living space and horse transport for equestrian events.

W2 is in talks with a number of different manufacturers about the prospect of actually producing the Romotow. Their plan is to bring it to the market by 2015, although it’s too early yet to know what the price will be. What I do know is that from 2015 onward, my vacation plans will revolve around this.