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TomTom unveils the new and more powerful HD Traffic 6.0 at CES

TomTom continues to be one of the biggest names in aftermarket navigation systems, and their newest HD Traffic version continues to build on the success of the previous versions. The traffic monitoring system tracks information from a variety of sources in order to provide the most accurate and up-to-the-minute information about traffic and congestion. The new 6.0 system, unveiled today at CES, is five times more accurately than previous versions, and now also collects anonymous data from TomTom users as a means of verifying and reporting incidents which might not have yet been reported from other sources.

The system is meant to be especially useful for use in things like emergency vehicles, where avoiding traffic jams can sometimes literally be a matter of life and death. TomTom also announced the release of their latest Congestion Index, which lists the most congested urban areas in North America. The results probably won’t come as a huge shock, with Los Angeles, Vancouver and San Francisco coming in at the 1, 2, and 3 spots. And although these particular statistics might not be telling too many people anything all that useful, it’s important to understand the real reason why TomTom is collecting this data. The new system is capable of predicting when and where traffic jams occur, helping you avoid them by more than just a last-minute detour.

The last piece of good news from TomTom to come out of CES is the announcement of a partnership with Telenav. This means that Telenav’s Scout personalized GPS app will now also feature traffic data from TomTom, making navigation easier for smartphone users as well.