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Volkswagen of America and Eaton’s Combined Charging System could set the standard for EVs

For as far as electric car technology has come, there are still some pretty major problems, including the lack of standardization for charging stations and their plugs. With as difficult as it is for many EV owners to find public charging stations, the last thing you want after finally finding one is to pull up only to discover that it has the wrong sort of plug. Such problems have plagued the automotive industry before, and generally it is the emergence of new and better versions of specific technologies that bring about standardization. Well, Volkswagen of America and Eaton might have just brought out the game-changing charger.

The charger is called the Combined Charging System (CCS), so called because it can be used for one-phase AC charging, three-phase AC fast charging, home DC charging or DC fast charging from public terminals. This ability to use all of these different chargers with just one plug gives the CCS a big advantage, but this is not the only one. CCS can handle 86 kW, more than any other current charger, and this means that future EVs which are built for more powerful chargers will still be able to use the same system. Market Watch even says it can charge up those EVs which support it in as little as 30 minutes. The system is also built for easy data communication, so as not to be rendered obsolete by the introduction of smart grids. Should this lead to a standardized EV charging system, there would be big advantages for both manufacturers and consumers. EVs would become cheaper to produce and infrastructure easier to implement. It’s far from being a sure thing at the moment, but the potential is definitely there.