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VW’s 2015 Golf R sold out in 12 hours … But Digital Trends got the first one

The first 500 examples of the 2015 Volkswagen Golf R headed to the U.S. sold out in less than 12 hours. Digital Trends, however, got the first one … and the only one in America in Reflex Silver Metallic.

VW Golf R Monroney

The Monroney for Digital Trends’ 2015 Volkswagen Golf R long-term tester

Though we’ve tested tens of dozens of cars over the years, we’ve never had one for more than a single week. While seven days gives us more than enough time to make an informed judgment of its value and merits, it doesn’t give us a true glimpse at what it’s like to live with the car.

Keen to spend a bit more time and get a bit more intimate with a car that encompasses all things Digital Trends holds dear, we reached out to our friends at Volkswagen of America and asked if they’d be so kind to lend us a Golf R for six months. To our delight, they agreed.

Throughout the spring, we at DT will be putting the Golf R through its paces – and and racking up the miles — on the road during our daily commutes, on the track, and on country back roads during a spirited Sunday drive.

Unlike other outlets that simply look at the car, we at DT know life is more than fuel economy and handling. Accordingly, we’ll be handing the keys over to our other sections to get a glimpse how the Golf R fits in with all specs of the tech-savvy lifestyle, including Cool Tech integration, a Home Theater review of the Golf’s Fender sound system, and much more.

We will be crafting several articles and videos highlighting its versatility, livability, and, of course, sportiness, along with technical and historical background of the the sporty Golf.

So, over the next few months, look here for Digital Trends’ ongoing coverage of the 2015 Volkswagen Golf R. It should be pretty fun and distinctive.