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What year is it? Plans for the 2017 Audi R20 supercar begin to surface

Audi R20

This morning, Automobile published a quick story and a few pictures of what it is claiming could be the 2017 Audi R20 supercar. Yes, we’ll admit it seems a bit early to have pictures of a 2017 model year supercar that doesn’t really exist. But look at the thing , we can hardly blame them.

Looking more like a Koenigsegg — complete with a single windshield wiper with a vertical neutral position — than an Audi, this all-new supercar could be just the thing Audi needs to invigorate the brand even further. Outward design isn’t the only feature in common with other current supercars. The doors on the R20 will reportedly be gullwing-style, just like the Mercedes SLS AMG.

Audi R20

As you might expect, no acceleration, fuel economy, or price figures are known. What Automobile is reporting, however, is that the R20 will most likely have a diesel hybrid powertrain with a hybridized version of the infamous Audi Quattro all-wheel drive system called e-Quattro. Essentially, the e-Quattro replaces the front drive axles with two 75 horsepower electric motor/generators, one powering each front wheel. Coupled with a proven twin-turbocharged diesel V6, the R20 would be in the 550 horsepower range. If this sort of setup sounds familiar, it’s because it is. Both the Audi R8 e-Tron and the Acura NSX Concept vehicle utilize similar hybrid-based all-wheel drive systems.

In addition to its supercar looks, the R20 will reportedly make use of a surround-view system with cameras embedded throughout the exterior of the car. On the interior, the R20 will have active-contour seats — much like we see in high-end Mercedes of present — and four-point seatbelts.

Audi R20

Audi has aimed to sell 1.5 million vehicles each year by 2015, Autocar reckons the R20 could be an excellent vehicle to celebrate that achievement. We most likely won’t know more until closer to a 2016 production date but as soon as we do, we’ll bring you more.