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Apple approved: Paradigm’s CT 2.1 speaker system

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We could tell something was going on as we approached Paradigm’s booth at CEDIA 2012. A little more than the usual amount of glimmer in the team’s eyes and some extra-wide smiles tipped us off that Paradigm was pleased with the news it had to share with us. Now we get it. 

It turns out that Paradigm has been courting Apple for the last few months. Paradigm developed a prototype speaker system, showed it to Apple, and the way we hear it, it took Apple about 20 seconds to let Paradigm know it loved what it heard. With its foot in Apple’s door, Paradigm got busy redesigning its Shift series of earphones, developing an Airplay speaker and finalizing the design of what you’ll see in this video, the Paradigm CT 2.1 system. 

With Paradigm’s Millenia CT 2.1 system due to hit Apple’s online  store in mere weeks, a whole new generation of listeners is about to become familiar with Paradigm’s products and signature sound. No wonder Paradigm is grinning.