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Boston Acoustics’ high-end M series features Euro style and sound

Check out our review of the Boston Acoustics M series speaker system.

While Boston Acoustics has always been a very accessible brand, most folks haven’t recognized it as a “high-end”  product. Over the past few years, we have seen the company depart from the vanilla speaker boxes to embrace a more modern look while maintaining palatable price points. Still, the sound quality — while quite good for the price; as evidenced in our review of the company’s A-series speakers — left us wanting for more. 

Today, we got a close look and listen to Boston Acoustics’ new M-series. These are a dramatic departure from the BA speakers of yesteryear, both in terms of their aesthetic design and sound engineering. The demo we heard today of the flagship M-series tower while driven by a $5,000 Marantz PM11-S3 integrated amp was impressive, to say the least. The high frequencies were much more relaxed than we’ve heard from Boston Acoustics before, yet detailed and revealing. The midrange and bass reproduction were pretty stunning as well.

In this video, we get a close look at the new M-series as Mitch Nollman, Vice President and General Manager at Boston Acoustics, explains what makes these new speakers different.