Cloning Kuro: How Sharp resurrected Pioneer’s iconic Elite display line

Pioneer last set the high bar for display quality with its famed Kuro Elite plasmas three years ago before killing the line off, and to many enthusiasts, nothing since then has surpassed it. So when Sharp announced this August that it would resurrect the Elite name for a series of LED-backlit LCDs displays, skeptics naturally raised eyebrows. But it wasn’t a resurrection in name alone. As Sharp reps explained to us at CEDIA 2011, the new Elite TVs are actually the result of a two-year collaboration between both companies that leaves the new set with many of the same inky black fingerprints that made the Kuro an enthusiast favorite. We’ll have to wait for side-by-side comparisons to see whether the new Elites really deliver on Sharp’s claims that they exceed the old Kuro Elite, but we’re confident these are some pretty remarkable displays either way.

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