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From your private jet to your basement home theater, CEDIA has you covered

Finally ready to build that home theater you’ve been dreaming about? Here are three components we saw at the CEDIA media preview we think you should consider; and one we invite you to fantasize about. 

Those who dare take on the daunting task of mounting a projector themselves will want to know about the PJT40 from Omnimount. It’s the smartest, most user-friendly projector mount we’ve seen yet, and it promises to make everything about mounting a projector easier. 

Epson’s new Home Cinema 5030 offers high performance and convenience at an approachable price point. This $2600 projector (available at Magnolia inside Best Bey) offers an impressive contrast ratio, superior brightness, and 3D capability. Pony up another $300 and you get wireless HDMI transmission with 5 HDMI inputs, one of which is equipped with MHL for use with Roku’s streaming stick or any number of mobile devices. 

Screen Innovations’s Zero Edge Black Diamond projection screen is a far cry from the pull-down screen your fifth grade teacher had in the classroom. This multi-layered screen looks black from straight-on, but contains several layers beneath to reflect light. The result is a screen that provides images with deep blacks while preserving brightness. Use it in a room flooded with daylight or a darkened home theater. Either way, you’re into a 110-inch screen for around $3500. 

Finally, we take a close look at Prima Cinema, the box that bring first-run theatrical movies into the home the same day they debut at commercial theaters. Get your wallet ready, though. Prima Cinema goes for a cool $35,000 for the box, and runs $500 per movie.