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Up close with Denon’s new AVR-4520CI

Check out our review of the Denon AVR-4520CI AV receiver.

The race to build the world’s most badass A/V receiver just got a lot more heated. We visited Denon’s offsite exhibit at CEDIA 2012 to get the scoop on the company’s flagship AVR-4520CI 9.2-channel receiver. It dishes out 150 watts to each of its channels, sports a four-port Ethernet switch, and can send out two different video sources via two HDMI outputs. It will also fully power stereo audio via zone two, or power mono audio for zone two and three. 

For the rest of the details and a close look at this bad-boy, check out our video. 

As a side note: we had a chance to witness the AVR-4520CI in an 11.2 demonstration powering Boston Acoustics’ M-series speakers, and we were very impressed by what we heard. That comes as little surprise, considering this receiver’s predecessors have also sounded excellent. Watching it switch among HDMI sources with superior speed and render complex surround tracks in a convincing demo drives home the fact that this receiver is a serious contender.