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Yamaha’s new Digital Sound Projectors target your ears

Yamaha has incorporated some genuinely useful, slick features into its recently announced Digital Sound Projectors — AKA sound bars — that successfully distinguish them from the ballooning sound bar market.

We especially liked the elevated design, which allows the sound bar to slide over most flat-panel TV stands, and we think Yamaha’s decision to revisit its targeted sound technology is a smart one. In this video from CEDIA 2012 show floor, Erika from Yamaha explains some of the finer points of the YSP-3300 (due in December for a suggested $1,600) and YSP-4300 (due in December for a suggested $1,900).

As usual, the show floor was too noisy to make a decent assessment of sound quality, but we can vouch for the subwoofer’s capability to get plenty loud and the almost unnerving ability for the sound bars to target sound in one particular direction with almost a 30db drop in volume outside its intended listening area.