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Yamaha’s BD-A1020 Blu-ray player plays everything

Yamaha is showing off its latest Blu-ray player at CEDIA 2012. The BD-A1020 is a “universal player”, meaning it can play just about anything you throw at it, be it Blu-ray discs, SACD, DVD-audio and even high-resolution FLAC audio files. And as part of Yamaha’s Aventage line, it features premium build quality and a design that matches the company’s premium A/V receivers. 

New for this year’s player is built-in WiFi, making access to streaming media services like Netflix from within the player just that much easier. There’s also a pair of stereo analog outputs for those that want to output audio to a second zone or just wish to enjoy the premium sound of the player’s built-in DAC. 

In this video from the CEDIA 2012 show floor, John with Yamaha explains some of the player’s finer points while we take an up-close look.