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LG Cam Plus Review

  • Easy to attach to the G5
  • Extended battery tech is clever
  • Does offer a sturdier grip for taking photos
  • Quite expensive
  • Adds weight and bulk
  • Zoom control is imprecise
Our Score 5

LG 360 Cam Review

  • Easy to use
  • 2K video resolution
  • Works with Android and iOS
  • Small and lightweight
  • Cheaper than the competition
  • Software glitches
  • No MicroSD card included
Our Score 8

LG Hi Fi Plus Review

  • True hi-res audio on your phone
  • Compact and easy to fit
  • Versatile for use with a PC
  • Not for sale in the U.S.
  • Niche appeal
Our Score 6

Ampy Move Review

  • Solid construction
  • A good emergency charger
  • Doesn’t discharge
  • Battery capacity is too small
  • Takes too long to charge
  • Heavy and bulky to wear
  • Fitness functions are half baked
  • Expensive peripherals required
Our Score 4

DxO ONE Review

  • 1-inch, 20.2-megapixel sensor
  • 32-mm equivalent, f/1.8 lens
  • Works beautifully with iPhone, iPad
  • SuperRAW and RAW uncompressed files
  • Great software, UI
  • High price for niche camera
  • Not for fast action
  • No support for other phones
Our Score 8

Vortex Kid's First Robot Review

  • Cute and customizable
  • Genuinely educational
  • Engaging games
  • Group fun
  • Battery life
  • Mind-numbing music
  • Technical hitches
Our Score 7

Tangible Play Osmo Review

  • Easy to set up
  • Well-designed
  • Educational
  • Family fun
  • iPad only
  • Too expensive
  • A few bugs
Our Score 8

Neo Smartpen N2 Review

  • Easy to handle
  • Captures handwriting really well
  • Stores notes even when your phone isn’t in range…
  • Good variety of file choices
  • Lets you draw and write in several…
  • Requires special paper
  • Drawings don’t have the best fidelity
  • Doesn’t capture light strokes as well
Our Score 8