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Tangible Play Osmo Review

  • Easy to set up
  • Well-designed
  • Educational
  • Family fun
  • iPad only
  • Too expensive
  • A few bugs
Our Score 8
User Score 0

Neo Smartpen N2 Review

  • Easy to handle
  • Captures handwriting really well
  • Stores notes even when your phone isn’t in range…
  • Good variety of file choices
  • Lets you draw and write in several…
  • Requires special paper
  • Drawings don’t have the best fidelity
  • Doesn’t capture light strokes as well
Our Score 8
User Score 0

Wonder Workshop Dash & Dot Review

  • Lots of fun
  • Genuinely educational
  • Easy to get to grips with
  • Group activity
  • Quite expensive
  • Lack of apps
  • Not much content
Our Score 8
User Score 0

Motrr Galileo Review

  • Dead-easy to set up and use
  • Easily create 360-degree spherical panoramas
  • Fun to watch it work
  • Limited apps (for now)
  • Slight discoloration over time
Our Score 7.5
User Score 0

Typo keyboard case Review

  • Thin and light
  • Working keyboard with backlight
  • BB addicts may love it
  • Charging cable has Micro USB and Lightning
  • Covers up Home button
  • Cramped keys due to portrait orientation
  • Requires its own separate charger
  • Keys feel plasticky
Our Score 4
User Score 0

MOGA Ace Power Review

  • Comfortable form factor mimics the behavior of a…
  • Built-in battery provides extra juice
  • All-analog buttons allow for more complex game…
  • Only compatible with iPhone 5/5S and fifth-gen…
  • Few games supported at launch
  • No option for custom-mapping controls
Our Score 8.5
User Score 8

Moga Pro Review

  • Familiar Xbox-inspired design
  • App-supported games integrate well
  • Rechargeable battery
  • MOGA games only exist on Android devices
  • Niche appeal
Our Score 8
User Score 0

Moga Mobile Gaming Controller Review

  • Offers a better gaming experience
  • Bluetooth connection makes it universal
  • Affordable
  • Only works on specific games
  • Right analog is a bit stiff
  • Unavoidable weight distribution issues
Our Score 8.5
User Score 0