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Fingers on with Sharp’s 80-inch Aquos Board

When you make an 80-inch TV the size of a whiteboard, you might as well be able to draw on it, right? That seems to have been the thinking behind Sharp’s latest creation, the 80-inch, touch-sensitive Aquos Board. Like the smaller Aquos Boards, it contains a built-in computer running Windows 7 that’s loaded with collaboration software, a webcam for teleconferencing, and it’s fully touch capable. While previous Aquos Boards rely on IR sensors around the edges to interpret touch, the sheer size of the 80-inch model created challenges for Sharp’s engineers. The solution came in the form of a camera system located in the top of the board, which helps keep the IR system accurate without the need for constant recalibration. In person, the touch works marvelously well, keeping up with rapid movements without the lag time associated with old types of touch systems. Check out our hands-on video with Digital Trends’ A/V guru Caleb Denison demonstrating a few of its capabilities in person.