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Hands on with Mozilla’s Firefox OS for phones

Mozilla wants to democratize the smartphone market with Firefox OS, which is designed to run on low-cost smartphones and will come to the developing world this year.

Mozilla, the non-profit behind the Firefox web browser, has turned its sights to the world of mobile phones. We’re not talking mobile browsers, but an entire phone operating system based on the same principles of the company’s open source browser. Firefox OS will run apps just like any other smartphone, but those apps will be built using web standard code and technology. If you can make a website with HTML 5, you can make an app for Firefox OS. This makes it easy for developers to create true cross-platform apps and breaks down proprietary boundaries, which will benefit users in the end.

Firefox OS will launch this year with the first handset coming to Brazil. There are plans to bring a Firefox phone to the U.S. down the line, but Mozilla is concentrating on developing countries at the outset due to their goal of bring low-cost, high quality access to everyone.