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Get a close-up look at Samsung’s top-of-the-line plasma displays

Don’t let all this OLED business fool you — plasma is still relevant.

Check out our review of the Samsung PN60F8500 plasma television.

Although all the next-gen OLED TVs have stolen the show this year at CES, that doesn’t mean that manufacturers have  given up on older display technologies like LED, LCD, and plasma. In fact, they’ve continued to improve them. Due to come out sometime in the first quarter of 2013, Samsung’s latest line of F8500 plasma TV’s reportedly offer brightness levels comparable to LED TV’s, but with significantly deeper black levels.

And they look good too. Samsung went with a unibody design for this series, which gives the displays a sleek, sexy, and futuristic appearance. And of course, since this is their flagship series for 2013, it’ll come with all the requisite bells and whistles: B built in camera, gesture/voice control options, and the new and improved Smart Hub.

The F8500 series will be available in 51, 60, and 64-inch models. Keep an eye out for our review once they hit the market.