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GoldenEar Technology’s flagship Triton One shames some speakers costing ten times as much

It was at CES 2013 that we first happened upon GoldenEar Technology and its speakers. At the time, the company was showing off its Triton Seven, a speaker for which we’ll publish a review later this month. But this year’s visit to the Goldenear suite at the Venetian Hotel was no accident. The company recently announced a new flagship speaker for its Triton line, the Triton One, and we weren’t about to miss out on listening to it. Well, we got our audition in, and we’re here to tell you, it  is an absolute marvel.

The speaker’s superb performance can be attributed in large part to the company’s leader and chief designer, Sandy Gross, who is something of a legend in the speaker business. Gross co-founded both Polk and Definitive technology, but with his latest project at GoldenEar, Gross has a different, and very specific vision: build speakers that perform as well as – or better – than those costing several times more. And with the Triton One, we believe the company has outdone itself in that regard.

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In our video, we take a close look at the speaker and its design elements, and speak with Sandy about how he took a solid concept and executed it in such a way that the speaker’s performance defies its $5,000/pair price point.