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Try on clothes in public without getting arrested

FaceCake lets you try before you buy, without ever hitting a dressing room.

At the CES 2013 Showstoppers event, we had a chance to go hands on with FaceCake’s Swivel dressing room, a Kinect-based technology that allows you to skip the dressing room and try clothes and accessories on in real-time. CEO Linda Smith took a minute to run us through the virtual dressing room system and all its new features – and then, of course, we had to give it a go ourselves.

FaceCake has been netting new partnerships, including a recent deal with Lancome that allows you to sample makeup without the real-life hassles that usually come with. Fingers crossed, this type of technology makes it to your favorite department store in the near future – although the caveat there being you might start actually buying items you normally wouldn’t, due to dressing-room phobias (pointing at self).