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Hands on with the Archos FamilyPad, a 13.3-inch Android tablet

How big is too big for an Android tablet? Archos tests the limits with a 13-inch slate meant for family sharing.

Smartphones screens aren’t the only ones getting bigger and bigger. Check out the new Archos FamilyPad, a 13.3-inch Android tablet. The idea behind the laptop-sized screen is that families often want to enjoy the Android experience together. Sharing pictures, playing games, and watching movies on a 10-inch screen is okay, but not great. Make the display bigger and you have the perfect piece of tech for bringing the family together. We’re not entirely convinced of the use case, but we like the tablet itself. The FamilyPad feels quite lights for its size, and we can see even small children moving it from room to room for playtime. It will hit stores in March for just $300, $200 less than the iPad.