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Hands on with the finalized version of gesture control device The Leap

And you thought your Kinect was awesome: The Leap takes gesture control to a whole new level, and we go hands on with the final version of the hardware and try out a couple of its new apps. 

Leap Motion continues to make waves with its gesture-control technology. We’ve had a few opportunities to try out the device, but CEO Michael Buckwald tells me that what the team has brought to CES is the real deal – the finalized version, that is.  He also tells me that the app ecosystem supporting The Leap is growing by leaps and bounds (no pun intended): Developer interest continues to increase and more and more of them are receiving — and requesting — units.

The startup has struck a deal with Asus to package its hardware with select laptops to go on sale in the near future. We had a chance to sit down with Buckwald at CES to try out the finalized iteration of The Leap and talk about what interested buyers can expect from the accompanying software and app marketplace.