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Hisense explains its strategy for US TV market domination

Hisense may not be a household brand in the United States yet, the the Chinese brand has big plans for expansion in the coming years.

Hisense smells blood in the water. Japanese TV producers are seriously injured right now, and the Chinese electronics company is looking to deliver the mortal blow. 

Just three years ago, Hisense did not exist as a brand in the US. Roughly two years ago, the company started sneaking its way into the US market. Then, last week, we arrived at Las Vegas to see that it had one of the largest plots of show-floor real estate at the entire convention. 

Hisense is now selling a limited number of models in Walmarts and club stores across the US, but the low-cost brand is just getting started. There is a very strong possibility that Hisense could be as big in ten years as Samsung is now. 

In our video interview with Chris Porter, product manager at Hisense, explains how it is poised disrupt the US TV market and sheds some light on what we can expect to see from Hisense in terms of marketing strategies in the future.