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Holographic Angry Birds on Displair

I don’t care how advanced your display tech is — if I can’t play Angry Birds on it, I’m not interested.

One of the coolest things we’ve come across on at this year’s CES is this crazy holographic-humidifier thingamabob called Displair. Made by an enterprising young Russian guy named Maksim Kamanin, Displair does just what its name implies — it displays images in thin air. Sort of.

It actually works by shooting a thin layer of water vapor into the air and then projecting an image onto the vapor, so although it dosen’t completely live up to the long-awaited Star Wars hologram tech we’ve all been hoping for, it comes pretty damn close. It’s also equipped with sensors and processors that make the projected images interactive and capable of being controlled via touch. Cool stuff — but like any good tech, it’s still got to pass the Angry Birds test. This video isn’t actually from CES, but it’s a great example of how Displair works.