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Interview: One on one with SOL Republic’s Scott Hix

While at CES, we stopped by SOL Republic’s private suite at the Paris Hotel to have a visit with Scott Hix, the President and COO of SOL Republic.

Our interest in SOL Republic arose when it was first announced that Kevin Lee, son of Monster’s Founder and CEO, Noel Lee, was branching out beyond Monster to develop his own brand of headphones. As one of the key designers involved in the development of the Beats by Dr. Dre line, it seemed like a rather bold move for Lee, especially considering that it had just been announced that the wildly successful Beats brand had managed to capture about 53 percent of a $1-billion headphone market.

But Lee, along with co-founders Scott Hix and Seth Combs, saw a big hole in that $1 billion pie and collectively decided to fill it. In this video, Hix explains how the company came about, what the product development experience was like, and why he feels SOL Republic is not just another company jumping on the headphone bandwagon along with everyone else.

After our interview, Hix gave us an sneak peak at what will soon be coming from SOL Republic. While we can’t show most of it to you, we can say that the company appears to have the customizable headphone idea on lock. With SOL Republic’s unique take on interchangeable headphone parts, fashionistas, sports fans, clubbers, DJ fans and all sorts of music enthusiasts all have something pretty cool to look forward to. 

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