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LG’s 77-inch flexible Ultra HD OLED is like a moving window to the future

Each year, we come to CES hoping to catch a glimpse of the future. This year, we got exactly that. And while LG and Samsung are both showing off gawk-worthy 105-inch curved Ultra HD 21:9 televisions, each well qualified to be deemed futuristic, it is LG’s stunning 77-inch Ultra HD OLED that sucked us in and wouldn’t let go. In a private room filled with LG’s finest displays, we happened upon a prototype version of the 77-inch Ultra HD OLED that conforms to desires of its viewer.

LG calls the next-generation television flexible, and while it isn’t the first TV we’ve seen this year that can morph between curved and flat modes, it is the first OLED TV we’ve see that can pull off the transformation, and that makes it something special.

Simply put, organic LED (OLED) is the most visually impressive TV technology available today. Its capability to produce deep, inky blacks and bright, vivid colors far exceeds that of LCD-based televisions. The effect is picture quality that is visibly superior, even to the untrained eye. There is nothing else like it, and once you’ve seen it, everything else pales in comparison. The fact that the set sports Ultra HD resolution, which is four times that of 1080p, is just another feather in this TV’s cap. As for the TV’s transformer-like capabilities, one could say that it is a gimmick, and we might be inclined to agree. But when we’re talking about aspirational, radically expensive televisions, you might as well toss in the option of having a curved and flat display in one and call it cool.

Even without the ability to morph in and out of a curved state, LG’s 77-inch OLED deserves notoriety because it is the biggest display of OLED technology we’ve seen to date, a mighty feat considering how notoriously difficult OLEDs are to produce.

In our video, we take you right up next to the ground-breaking television for an extremely close look at what the future of TV might look like. Even though our video camera can’t do its picture quality justice, we think you’ll agree, it is a seriously impressive display.