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Mauz: One device to rule them all

Check out this awesome new iPhone accessory that turns your iPhone into an uber-functional computer mouse.

While big-name companies like Samsung and Sony might have stolen the show with their wildly-elaborate exhibits and massive chunks of show floor real estate, some of the coolest stuff we saw at CES this year came from Eureka Park – the space designated for innovative startups and fledgling companies to show off their stuff.

After just a few minutes of walking around EP, we started to notice a trend: Kickstarter projects. Lots of Kickstarter projects. In addition to projects like the Pebble Watch that have already achieved crowdfunding success, there were a number of projects that were just kicking off – using CES to attract some much-needed publicity. 

Amongst all these, one of the most notable campaigns is Mauz: a compact little appcessory that turns your iPhone into a computer mouse. It gives you more than just click and drag functionality too, and also supports gesture controls, swipes, pinch-to-zoom, and much more. Making use of the iPhone’s accelerometer, it can even be picked up and tilted to navigate 3D environments. The campaign launched just a few days ago, so head over to Mauz’s Kickstarter page to learn more or pledge your support.