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Omron heart rate monitor: it’s all in the wrist

Fresh out of CES, check out the latest fitness gadget from Omron Fitness.

With loads of companies vying to become the next FitBit or Jawbone, it should come as no surprise that CES is filled  with fitness-oriented gizmos this year. In a press conference yesterday, a company by the name of Omron Fitness unveiled their latest exercise gadget: a wristband heart rate monitor. 

Now despite what the video might lead you to believe, this isn’t particularly groundbreaking. After all, established gadgets like the Nike Fuleband and FitBit One already offer heart rate monitoring in addition to a host of other features. But Omron is okay with that. Their products are aimed at consumers who aren’t necessarily looking for such high-tech accessories, and instead just want something simple.

We’ll see how that works out for them.