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Samsung’s 85-inch 4K/Ultra HD TV is bigger, but is it better?

We take a close look at Samsung’s UN85S9 85-inch 4K/Ultra HD TV.

Samsung offered us a sneak peek at its 85-inch Ultra HDTV last night, and, technically speaking, it appears to be the largest commercially available version of the format so far. It is also the most unique version of the technology we’ve seen, thanks to a rather unexpected mounting system … that looks a lot like a swing-set from our elementary school days. The stand is no toy, though: It packs a 120-watt sound system and an embedded camera to support Samsung’s gesture-control features, among other ancillary bells and whistles. 

This set also got a full array of locally-dimmed LED backlights, which we found did much for the set’s brightness, black levels and contrast performance. 

Can Samsung’s proprietary take on what appears to be an industry-wide migration toward the ultimate in picture quality trump its many competitors? Check out our first-impressions video and decide if you’d like to swing Samsung’s way.