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Samsung’s Smart Hub makes surfing your media easier than ever

Samsung’s next generation of Smart TV’s will (finally) operate more like tablets.

Smart TV’s have seemed like a contradiction of sorts. Somehow, no matter how “smart” they have become over the past few years, their interfaces remained far more clunky and inconvenient than those on mobile phones and tablets – but Samsung has finally changed all that with their latest Smart Hub build.

We’ll be looking to check this out for ourselves soon, but based on this footage it looks like everything we’ve ever wanted on a screen. With five tabs for different types of content, Samsung hopes to make your home media experience more organized and intuitive. Inside Smart Hub, you can easily flip between content that’s on TV, on demand, or scattered throughout various devices connected to your home network. There’s also tabs for social media and specialized apps, so you’ve got quick access to just about any media you want.

Oh, and there’s a gesture-controlled remote? We’re sold.