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Samsung’s transparent display box from the future

This tech might not have a purpose yet, but it’s definitely fun to look at. 

So, despite being showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show, not all of the nifty stuff that tech companies show off at CES is consumer-ready. Oftentimes, companies will set up a piece of cool-looking technology just to attract people to their booth. Some of the things might not even have a legitimate use or application, but that doesn’t stop vendors from bringing them to the show floor for everyone to gawk at — and that’s exactly what Samsung did with this box.

Samsung posted this video to its YouTube channel a few minutes ago, and although we’re not sure what they intend to use this tech for, there’s no denying how cool it is. They’ve figured out a way to put images on a transparent display. Perhaps it’s something similar to Sharp’s recently-unveiled IGZO material