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Sennheiser’s audiophile HD 700, Amperior DJ and RS 220 wireless headphones debut at CES 2012

We treated ourselves to a visit with Sennheiser, where we got to drool over and listen to the new HD 700 audiophile headphones along with its new Amperior DJ cans and RS 220 wireless rig. 

We went gaga for the HD 800, which stand as the best sounding headphones we’ve ever reviewed. Now we’re excited to see a slightly less over-sized and less expensive model in the HD 700, which will retail for $400 less than the HD 800. 

The wireless headphones apparently use new wireless technology for what Sennheiser claims is the best sounding wireless headphone available on the market. We look forward to reviewing all three in the near future. For now, enjoy this video where we take a really close look at all three products.