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Sharp converts 1080i to 4K at CES 2012

We’ve seen plenty of 4K TVs at CES 2012, but the question of where the content to fill them will come from remains a largely unanswered. At Sharp’s booth, the company showcased its answer: 1080i to 4K. Sharp developed it in coordination with I-cubed Research Center, a company run by the same tech wizard responsible for Sony’s Trinitron line during its halcyon CRT days. Upscaling may be a dirty word in the videophile community, but in person, the difference between the same content on a 1080p display and upscaled on a 4K display is obvious. We’re not entirely convinced the 1080p side was really shown in its best light, as away to highlight the differences, but the 4K results looked impressive enough, even on their own. This might be a prototype now, but Sharp will launch a 4K TV with the same tech inside by mid to late 2012. See Kerry Hoder from Sharp explain the demonstration in the video above.