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Got questions about 4K content? So did we, so we asked Sony

Over the course of 2013, the practicality of 4K/UHD televisions was called into question over and over due to a lack of available 4K content. The argument was valid: What’s the point in spending super-premium prices on a UHD TV when native 4K content is scarce and difficult to get a hold of? But at CES 2014, it became clear that the consumer electronics industry and media companies had been hard at work coming up with a solution. Netflix, M-GO, YouTube, and Sony, among others, came to the show this year bearing the good news that 4K content was on the way, and soon.

To be fair, Sony led the way in 4K content delivery during 2013. Though its 4K media server worked exclusively with Sony Video Unlimited service and Sony 4K televisions, it managed to spool up to over 140 4K titles by the close of the year. And during its press conference at CES, the company broke news that it had developed an even broader 4K content strategy.

In our interview with Sony’s VP of Operations, Brian Siegel, we learn how Sony will push 4K media delivery forward in 2014. Not surprisingly, it centers around streaming, but a more interesting development is a partnership with Google’s YouTube 4K streaming program.