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Take a tour of Sharp’s latest innovations in display tech

Check out some of Sharp’s incredible advances in display technology.

In an event filled with thousands of exhibitors all vying for the spotlight, it takes a lot for any one company to stand out — but Sharp is pulling it off. Unlike some of the other CE manufacturers at the show, Sharp brought their A game this year. Although their announcement of the next-gen IGZO technology is probably most exciting, some of their smaller advances are noteworthy as well.

First on the list is their SuperBright tech. This innovative improvement in display tech makes up for it’s uncreative name with some creative software that does just what its name implies: It makes bright areas brighter and darker areas darker. They’ve even got a light meter to prove it.

Next up is Sharp’s Quattron technology. Essentially, Quattron adds a yellow sub-pixel to the red, green, and blue ones we currently use, which provides more depth to pictures and more separation between color shades. 

We won’t spoil the whole video, but just know that SuperBright and Quattron aren’t the only cards Sharp has up it’s sleeve — keep watching to hear about their 8K TV (yup, that’s not a typo), and this thing called Moth Eye technology.