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Up close with Toshiba’s 85-inch 4K TV at CES 2014

As Toshiba’s third-generation 85-inch 4K TV, the L9450U benefits from some refinements in processing, backlighting technology and cmart TV platform. This year, Toshiba put a focus on developing more of its technologies in-house rather then source it elsewhere. The result is what the company calls a “Radiance 4K Full Array” panel, highlighted by a full array of LED backlights and local dimming for brighter images and deeper black levels. Toshiba also threw a new image processing chip in the mix for better upscaling, motion resolution and color rendering. In this video we show off Toshiba’s efforts. The company expects the set to come available sometime this summer, with pricing details to be disclosed closer to the products shipment to the US market. 

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