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Up close with Sony’s 55- and 65-inch 4K/Ultra HD TVs

Sony’s two smaller 4K models feature a unique design with speakers set flush into the glass, and according to Sony, it actually sounds better than its 84-inch 4K TV’s audio system.

Yesterday, Sony announced two new, smaller-sized additions to its 4K (Ultra HD) TV line. The 55-inch XBR-55X900A and the 65-inch XBR-65X900A are a little more than just scaled-down versions of Sony’s 84-inch 4K model, thanks to a different speaker system solution. While the 84-inch model features separate speakers which are attached to the TV’s frame with brackets, the two smaller models’ speakers are seamlessly integrated. 

According to Sony rep Phil Jones, the speaker system sounds better, too. It utilizes a soft-dome tweeter, a small woofer and a passive radiator to enhance midrange response. Each of the speakers flanking the screen are mounted in their own separate enclosures. Hidden within the bottom of the TV cabinet are two drivers handling the bass response. 

In this video, Jones gives a quick explanation on 4K TV technology and the new speaker system.