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Up close with Vizio’s new PC offerings

The last thing we expected out of CES 2012 was for Vizio to announce it was entering the PC market. Yet, that is exactly what the company did and, as far as we’re concerned, it has pulled it off with style.   

Vizio’s first tablet wasn’t exactly a hit for the company but, then again, most first-generation tablets were pretty clunky. Based on what we saw at Vizio’s CES booth, much was learned from its coming-out experience, because the new 10-inch tablet we saw was sleek, super fast and dressed up with Vizio’s intuitive re-skinning of Android OS. 

While it may have taken a year for Vizio to get comfy putting out tablets, the looks of its laptop and desktop computer offerings show Vizio isn’t messing around when it comes to computers. We were really impressed with how Vizio managed to merge form and function;  integrating a subwoofer into the computer’s power supply, for instance… genius !

Check out our video where we get a close look at all of the PC products Vizio had on display and the company’s “ecosystem” which showed how all of Vizio’s products can work together.