Up close with Vizio’s prototype 70-inch Ultra HD and 80-inch LED TVs

Vizio’s design changes to its TV and sound bar line have resulted in a much more attractive and unified look. 

We stopped by Vizio’s exhibit today to let our eyes soak in yet another bath of Ultra HDTV beauty and wound up getting a look at a good portion of its M-Series LED TV line while we were at it.

The XVT-series 70-inch Ultra HD Razer LED Smart TV (go ahead and take a second to catch your breath) surprised us with a thinner bezel than we expected from Vizio, as did the M-Series line which involves a dizzying number of screen size options.

Check out our video for a closer look at Vizio’s newest, and dig the new design approach, which has Vizio’s badge inconspicuously tucked away on the bottom right of the TV’s bezel.

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