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Video: E Ink’s new color screen and how it works

We met up with E Ink at a Consumer Electronics Show event. If you don’t know of E Ink, that’s okay. If you’ve ever seen a Kindle or a Nook or almost any other E-book reader, you’ve seen E Ink’s screen technology. The company’s aim is to replace printed paper. With so little power consumption that a Kindle battery can last two months, it’s well on its way. Unfortunately, E Ink has some weaknesses. One of the biggest is that, until now, it’s been black and white only. This is fine for novels, but for anything with pictures, it can be a problem. Well, now E Ink has a solution. It has added a filter to the top of its screens that adds color to images.

The video above shows a working color E-reader which has been released in Russia and includes a bit of explanation about the new screen technology. There aren’t currently any plans for color readers here in the United States, but it’s only a matter of time, according to representatives for the company. Before E-readers though, the company expects to make inroads into the large poster and non-moving advertising business. Imagine a highway sign that looks like it’s printed, but really runs on color E Ink. We think the tech has a ways to go before it produces vivid enough color for some ads, but there is certainly potential. Does a color e-reader interest you? 

E Ink Color - How it works E Ink color close up