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Hands on: Vizio Tegra 4 10-inch Android tablet

Vizio will be among the companies bringing Tegra 4 tablets to market later this year. If their early effort is any indication, the company may have a hit.

Nvidia’s Tegra 4 chip holds the promise of amazing video, graphics, and performance on tablets, smartphones, and other hand-held devices. At Vizio’s CES showcase, the company showed off a 10.1-inch Android tablet running on Tegra 4. Right now it’s still in the concept phase and you shouldn’t expect to see it until at least this summer – likely later. However, we got a preview of the device and, so far, it’s very enticing.

The Vizio tablet features a 2560 x 1600 IPS display with beautiful colors and wide viewing angles. If the final model has the same outer design, we won’t have much to complain about as it’s quite light and comfortable to hold. We only got a limited performance demo, but the tablet is impressively fast and a great showcase for full HD movies. We hope the Vizio 10.1-inch Android tablet makes it to the U.S.