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What’s the difference between high-def and ultra-high-def? LG explains

Curious what everyone’s talking about when they mention 4K ultra high-definition displays? Learn what it all means in this dead-simple explanation from LG.

Amidst the torrent of tech that’s unveiled at CES each year, there’s always a flock of next-gen TVs boasting bigger, sharper, and thinner displays than the year before. This year is no different. So what’s special about the screens everyone’s showing off in 2013? In a word: Pixels. Lots of them. 

This video is a pretty basic introduction to ultra-high-def (sometimes called 4K), but if you’re unfamiliar with the tech it’ll get you up to speed pretty quick. For a more in-depth discussion, check out our explanation, and be sure to tune in to our ongoing coverage of home theater tech at CES.