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How it feels to zap yourself with a 950,000-volt iPhone case stun gun

I’ve never claimed to be a smart man. Clever? Maybe. Daring? Sure. But when it comes to personal safety, my brain conveniently decides to slip out the back and head to the bar. Which is exactly what it did on the last day of CES 2014, after I heard about the newest product from Yellow Jacket, an phone case with a built-in stun gun made for the iPhone 5/5S. It costs $150, is capable of charging up your iPhone when the battery runs low … aaaaand it pumps out 950,000 volts of electricity. Needless to say, I had to give it a go.

Correction: After I regained consciousness, Yellow Jacket kindly informed me that the new iPhone 5/5S case actually pumps out 950,000 volts of electricity, not the measly 650,000 generated by earlier models. I don’t regret the error because – a third more voltage! How awesome is that?