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CES 2011 rumor roundup

Ces rumors

CES 2011 is right around the corner, and the predictions are piling up. We already know a lot about the general trends we’re sure to see at the trade show, but let’s not forget all of the rumors about specific products surrounding the week in Vegas that have been building up all winter. Here’s a little insight on some of the most hyped speculations that we’ll know more about come January 5.

HTC Thunderbolt

Just yesterday, Verizon told us that it would be releasing its first 4G capable phone at CES (it won’t be the iPhone – that’s apparently in February). Verizon says the device will feature Google’s Android OS, and that hint paired with HTC’s mysterious promo hyping it will be “the first to 4G, again,” makes this rumor seem pretty conclusive. Some “leaked” images of the forthcoming smartphone have all but killed any of the surprise the announcement could have had. This particular product debuting at CES is nearly a sure thing.

Samsung Galaxy Player

Taking note from Apple’s success stripping down the iPhone into the iPod Touch, it’s widely speculated that Samsung will be releasing a media player that closely mimics its popular Galaxy S smartphone. With reportedly identical specs (sans cellular connection), it may be the best answer to the iPod Touch yet. Samsung’s Russian site is one that features the Galaxy Player with full specs (it’s listed as available in 8GB and 16GB versions and white only) and Engadget reported the company’s South Korean press release about the device. While Samsung hasn’t said anything about introducing the Galaxy Player, multiple source say to expect it.

Motorola tablet

Earlier this month, we found out that Motorola had been busy trademarking the name “Motorola Xoom” all over the world. Seeing as the company has a little experience in tablet development and is due to premiere a host of new products at CES, there’s a possibility we’re about to be introduced to the Motorola Xoom. Motorola’s only adding to the hype with a video teaser that reveals its tablet (with an Android Honeycomb reference included) is on its way. In time for CES? It seems likely.

Microsoft tablet

Shortly after an analyst warned Microsoft that it must introduce a competent tablet or face an uncertain future, a mockup of what that product might be hit the Internet. The image featured the rumored Samsung Gloria, a 10-inch device with a keyboard, and some speculate this could be the first Windows OS tablet. Microsoft has a troubled history with tablets, and the negative feedback about this potential launch makes us think there will be no such announcement at CES.

Polaroid instant camera

At the beginning of the month, we got our hands on this obscure promo from Polaroid. A brightened version of the image reveals the classic printing slot at the bottom of an instant camera, which has gotten enthusiasts dreaming of the company’s return to its original product. Unfortunately, the photo is the only piece of insight we have as to Polaroid’s CES plans.

HP Pavilion dv7 Sandy Bridge notebooks

The worst kept CES secret is that HP will be unveiling its Pavilion dv7 4000 and 5000 notebooks with quad-core Intel Sandy Bridge chips. A few days ago we saw that the company had even been posting documents on its support pages that revealed more details about the devices. Of course, HP will be one of many showing off new PCs using Intel’s Sandy Bridge CPUs at CES this year.