Is CES Dead?


The taxi line from the airport could barely be considered a line at all. The shuttle bus we took to our hotel left with three people on it. And Mon Ami Gabi, the normal site of our Digital Trends kickoff dinner, looked practically deserted.

Is CES dead?

Not at all.

LG’s press conference, the first to kick off a long day of announcements from major manufacturers, was packed to the very back. Outside, suited LG press reps were forced into duty as club bouncers, trying to keep anxious journalists from slithering in the walnut doors behind them.

The numbers may be smaller, but the crowd, and experience, remains. While many companies have pared down the size of their crews to accommodate for tough times, the electricity, elbow-brushing competition and anticipation for what’s on stage is still here.

And we’re psyched to see what’s next.

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