CES 2016
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Tell Paradigm engineers cost is no object, and they’ll build you this brawny beast 4:34

Paradigm's first shot at a cost-no-object speaker yielded incredible results. We heard the code-named "Concept" speaker at CES, and walked away with an entirely new respect for its creators.

It’s official: Las Vegas throws a better auto show than Detroit

The Detroit Auto Show has always held prestige, but this year, the tech world's biggest trade show may have displaced it. Major automakers debuted better cars and better car tech at CES in Las Vegas than they did a week later in Detroit.
CES 2016

You need a PhD to understand these speakers, but just ears to be floored by them 2:15

Bang & Olufsen made some big claims when it announced the Beolab 90, but now that we've heard the system for ourselves, we understand the bespoke audio company wasn't messing around.

Bose makes car audio for every budget now, and we tried them all

Bose has been designing factory premium car audio systems since 1983, but with its feet firmly planted in the premium tier, they were only available in luxury cars. Now, Bose is expanding its reach into much more affordable territory, and…
Cool Tech

Forget DJI and Parrot: Here’s 13 little-known drone companies that made a splash at CES

At CES 2016, dozens of drone and quadcopter companies showed out touting the "Next Big Thing." Here are 13 of our favorites from the showroom floor that we think have the best chance of breaking out in 2016.

Nest, Amazon Echo, and HomeKit now work with a lot more devices

At CES 2016, Nest, Amazon Echo, and Apple HomeKit all added compatible new devices. Your oven can alert you if you left it on when you leave the house, and you can talk to your fans and blinds.

A VR look inside the home of the future at CES 2016

Inside the home of the future everything works seamlessly and smoothly. Your appliances talk each other, the fridge knows what it’s stocked with, and everything makes your life easier. Experience that vision, in VR at CES 2016.

Why smart clothes, not watches, are the future of wearables

For wearables to go mainstream, they need to look good and do more than count your steps. Smart clothes are the perfect solution to the wearable problem. They'll make you look stylish, not like a cyborg.

We talk to Ford’s Dr. Ken Washington about connectivity, cars, smart mobility at CES 5:29

Dr. Ken Washington, Ford’s VP of Advanced Research and Engineering, sat down with us to talk about how Ford is taking the notion of “the internet of things” seriously, and how connecting our cars to our lives is just the tip…

An E-Ink screen replaces disposable paper tags on this smart luggage

Luggage company Rimowa is about to launch a suitcase with a built-in E Ink screen, which will do away with the sticky paper tags we're used to now. After seeing the case, we got to check out a few more E Ink prototypes, too.
Virtual Reality

I tried VR porn in a CES hotel suite, and I’ll never be the same

The next technological evolution of porn is here, with VR porn from Naughty America. We went hands-off with the immersive future of smut at CES to share the dirty lowdown with you.
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See the sights at CES that stopped show-goers in their tracks, all in 360-degree VR

How do you get people’s attention when you’re up against over 3,000 other exhibitors at the world’s largest consumer electronics trade show? See for yourself in 360-degree VR video what lengths some companies go to.