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ZTE’s modular smartphone project, the Eco-Mobius, still two years away from release

Like Motorola, ZTE is working on a modular smartphone, where we'll be able to swap out components to tailor the device to our needs. Called the Eco-Mobius, it's sadly not going to be on sale just yet though.


How it feels to zap yourself with a 950,000-volt iPhone case stun gun

I’ve never claimed to be a smart man. Clever? Maybe. Daring? Sure. But when it comes to personal safety, my brain conveniently decides to slip out the back and head to the bar. Which is exactly what it did on the last day of CES 2014, after I heard…


GoldenEar Technology’s flagship Triton One shames some speakers costing ten times as much

The company recently announced a new flagship speaker for its Triton line, the Triton One, and we weren't about to miss out on listening to it. Well, we got our audition in, and we're here to tell you, it is an absolute marvel.


Samsung rumored to show first folding touchscreen phone at secret post-CES meeting

A report claims Samsung gave VIPs a look at its first folding smartphone with a big 5.7-inch touchscreen after CES this year. However, even if it's true, we shouldn't expect it to go on sale soon.


Awesome tech you can’t buy yet, CES 2014 edition

Check out our roundup of the coolest crowdfunding projects and product announcements that hit the Web this week. You can't buy this stuff yet, but it sure is fun to gawk!

Cool Tech

Martin Logan’s crescent-shaped Crescendo Bluetooth speaker set for debut

Martin Logan is mixing things up in the high-end Bluetooth speaker market with the $900 Crescendo, a moon-shaped speaker featuring their Folded Motion tweeter and 100 watts of power.


We tested Lynx’s Smart Grill with the most incompetent cook we could find

When we were told Lynx was going to show off a smart grill at CES 2014, we didn't know what to expect. But the Lynx Smart Grill ended up blowing us away. You have to see this thing in action to get a full understanding of how amazing it is, so we shot this…


WWE’s new streaming service may smash a chair on the back of cable companies

The WWE Network is a Netflix-like service for wrestling fans, but the significance of WWE's move online could have far broader impact than we think as other sports companies look on. Here's why.


Hands on: Mophie Space Pack

We try out the Mophie Space Pack, our favorite mobile accessory at CES. It adds battery life and extra memory to the iPhone.

  • Pros: Extends battery life, Adds 16 or 32GB, iOS 7 app adds a full…
  • Cons: Has some odd integration issues, You have to press a button…

Peachtree Audio’s Nova 220 SE integrated amp marries muscle and musicality

Having thoroughly enjoyed Peachtree Audio's Decco 65 last year, we found ourselves eager to see what the company would bring to CES 2014. As it turns out, what it brought is just as hot as the Decco 65, but with a healthy dose of testosterone and a sprinkling…


Narrative Clip heads to Vegas to tell the next chapter in its lifelogging story

The team behind the Narrative Clip traveled to Las Vegas for the CES 2014 show to exhibit its lifelogging camera. The team's goal included introducing the product to buyers, finding retail channels, and gather user feedback.


What we learned at CES 2014

We came. We saw. We shocked the bejeezus out of ourselves with a weird iPhone stun gun case. Here's what we learned about the future of consumer tech in 2014 now that CES has come to a close.


Soundfreaq’s Pocket Kick packs pint-sized portable audio in your pants

Soundfreaq's new Pocket Kick is small, light, and looks a lot like an icecream sandwhich. It also sounds pretty full for a speaker its size, and promises even better clarity as Soundfreaq tweaks its EQ running up to its release in a few months.


Want to know what the future of design looks like? Ask Sixense

Sixense’s STEM System is a new way to interact with a virtual world, and the possibilities begin with designing objects for a 3D printer, and then continue on and on.