Hands on: AmpStrip is a fitness tracker you stick on like a Band Aid

AmpStrip may look like a band aid, but it has a heart rate monitor and activity sensors galore built in, as well as a rechargeable battery. We saw it in action at CES 2015.
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How superstar designer Yves Behar shapes the style of Samsung TVs

Yves Behar has designed everything from laptops to headsets, and most recently, Samsung’s finest televisions. Here’s how the superstar designer collaborates with Samsung to turn a slab of glass into a work of art.

A smart sleep device that monitors you and the rest of the family

The SevenHugs HugOne debuted at CES 2015; it's a sleep device for the whole family. Using small sensors that stay on the bed, the device doesn't require a wearable and tracks movement, humidity, and temperature.

Is that rain? Bosch’s slew of smart home products give weather recs and much more

Bosch demoed Home Connect at CES 2015; starting in 2015, it will start rolling out smart appliances to European markets, from connected fridges to dishwashers. It also has lots of energy-saving devices.
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Sennheiser’s Urbanite XL is even better with no strings attached

Check out our first impressions of the new Urbanite XL Wireless headphones from Sennheiser.

The Thync is the tech world’s answer to a strong coffee or a sleeping pill

The Thync is a wearable which promises to put an end to dependancy on a strong coffee to get through the day, or a sleeping pill to relax at night. It delivers the same effects, on demand, in 15 minutes.

Driving 2.0: In-car tablets and self-driving tech transform cars at CES

From tablets to smartwatches to self-driving cars, CES 2015 had loads of realistic and wild future tech from the world’s leading automakers.