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Hands on with LG’s ultra-slim ‘Color Prime’ 4K UHD LED TVs

LG's OLED televisions are still the go-to for the best possible picture quality, but the new Color Prime models offer some seriously bright and vibrant images.

The Apple Watch isn’t out yet, but it already has a strange charging stand

The Apple Smartwatch won't be out until this spring, but we're already seeing accessories appear for it - like this swiveling charging dock called Bandstand that doubles as an all-in-one charger for your gadgets

Digital Trends Top Tech of CES 2015 award winners

Excerpt: From a digital device that can alter your mind with ultrasonic waves to machine that can print food, Digital Trends picked the biggest the best and the craziest for our Top Tech of CES awards.

BlackBerry announces new Internet of Things platform, Android Wear app

BlackBerry has announced a new platform for our growing world of embedded devices at CES today, as well as its plans to bring its popular messaging service, BBM, to Android Wear users

Jack goes public: Next-gen Audi A8 to equip autonomous capability from A7 prototype

Audi Board Member for Technical Development Ulrich Hackenberg has revealed that the next-generation A8 will feature the autonomous capabilities of the self-driving A7. The new A8 is expected to arrive in two years.

A new challenger appears: Velocity Micro enters laptop gaming arena

Velocity Micro's new line of custom laptops give players the power to build the exact computer they need with all the features they want, and nothing else they don't.