Logitech G9 Laser Mouse Review

The G9 is a fantastic mouse, which won't be a surprise to most people who have sampled a G-series mouse before.
The G9 is a fantastic mouse, which won't be a surprise to most people who have sampled a G-series mouse before.
The G9 is a fantastic mouse, which won't be a surprise to most people who have sampled a G-series mouse before.


  • Very comfortable; highly customizable; incredible precision


  • Expensive

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Logitech is at it again. Just when you thought they had made the ultimate gaming mouse with the G5 and cordless G7, along comes the G9. Though not exactly “better” than the G7 or the G5, it offers new features, increased sensitivity, and includes all-new software as well. Whether or not you think the G9 is better than its predecessors is largely a matter of taste, but it’s still an awesome mouse any way you look at it.

Features and Design

The G9 marks a radical departure from the previous G-series mice, at least in terms of its physical shape. All of the previous mice have shared a similar body style that can best be described as tall and thin. The new G9 shell is short and wide, which will please those with smaller hands.

Like the G5, the G9 includes a little metal case full of weights that allow you to customize the weight of the mouse. You get a total of eight weights, including four 4g units and four 7g units. You just push a button, remove a little caddy and put the different weights into the slots until you’ve achieved your desired mouse weight.

Logitech G9 case
Logitech throws in a swank carrying case for your mouse weights

Logitech G9 Weights
You can put four weights into the mouse at one time

The big new feature is the option to remove the shell and swap it out with one that has a different shape and surface texture. One shell is smooth and a bit taller at the palm, and the other has a grainy texture and is a bit shorter. Removing the shell is as easy as pushing a button underneath the mouse, and lifting the shell off. You have to do this to access the above-mentioned weight caddy also.

G9 Shell
Two shells are included. One is slick and kind of tall, the other is matte and rides low

Sensitivity has been raised from 2000dpi to a startling 3200dpi, and the buttons that switch it have been moved from below the mouse wheel down and to the left a few millimeters. A lit-up display shows you the sensitivity, and you can even customize the color of the display.

The mouse wheel can be set to elicit a click with each roll, or to be silent and smooth. The switch for this is on the bottom of the mouse.

Logitech G9 Switch
You can toggle whether the mouse wheel scrolls smooth or with clicks

The SetPoint software has also been revamped for the G9 and sports a new interface and design.

Use and Testing

In daily use, the G9 feels pin-point accurate at all times and is very comfortable. After using both a G7 and the MX518 for the past year or so, we weren’t sure how we’d like the new design, but we dig it. It feels more natural around our hand since there’s less “rise” in the middle compared to the old design.

Once we were comfortable, we tried the different shells, and found we liked the one with the grainy surface that is a bit shorter at the back where your palm meets the mouse. The other shell is comfortable too but we didn’t like its slick surface.

We then tried adding some of the weights to the mouse and found they make a subtle difference. In the end we ended up using no weights at all.

We then messed around with the sensitivity settings and came up with a good compromise. By default you have four sensitivity levels, and they include: 400, 800, 1600, 3200. We felt that 1600 was a bit too slow for us, but 3200 was too much. Luckily, Logitech lets you tweak every setting on the mouse, so we changed the DPI levels to five, and made a middle-ground setting of 2400 on the X-axis. We did not change the Y-axis.

DPI Screenshot
The included software lets you customize the DPI settings with ease

Speaking of the software, it literally gives you too many options. We did not set up any profiles for games or create any macros, but those options and many more are available. We did change the color on the DPI display from red to blue, however.

Once we were done fiddling we jumped into Call of Duty 4, and found the ability to manipulate the DPI settings on the fly came in handy in the game’s sniper missions. We also played some TF2 and the Crysis demo, and found the mouse to be spot-on accurate at all times and very comfortable as well. We even went back to our G7 to compare and found the G9 to feel slightly more “connected” and comfortable. We like the new location of the DPI buttons as they don’t get in the way of scrolling the mouse wheel.


The G9 is a fantastic mouse, which won’t be a surprise to most people who have sampled a G-series mouse before. We like the new design, and the increased DPI is actually a bit too accurate, but we found a happy medium in the easy-to-use software. Though some people might miss the feel of the 5-and-7 series, and bemoan the fact that it’s wired, we like it just the way it is. The only downside is that it’s very expensive, but considering how good it is, and the fact that you will most likely use it for years, it’s a very safe investment.


• Very comfortable
• Highly customizable
• Incredible precision


• Expensive