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AVADirect Clevo P157SM-A – Hands On

The AVADirect Clevo P157SM, like the Origin EON17-S we reviewed last month, is an astoundingly bulky laptop. This is unsurprising, as the two systems are related. Origin, AVADirect, and other smaller brands buy their systems from builders like Clevo, and then customize them to their liking. While the 15.6-inch display on the P1567SM makes it smaller than the Origin EON17-S, the AVADirect is only a quarter inch short of being two inches thick. Still, picking on this system is hardly fair, as MSI’s 15.6-inch GT60 Dominator Pro is no thinner.

Price runs in this notebook’s favor, however, and helps excuse some of the flaws here. Our review unit’s $2,571 MSRP is higher than the price of the MSI GT60 Dominator Pro we recently reviewed, but the inflated price is almost entirely due to the inclusion of dual SSDs. Remove that, and the system can be equipped with the GTX 880M for around $2,000. Only MSI’s GT70 Dominator Pro (a larger alternative to the GT60 which lacks its 3K display) is less expensive.