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Digital Storm Bolt II Gaming PC

The Bolt II comes in behind the Torq, which we benchmarked with an overclocked Core i7-4790K running at 4.7GHz, but far ahead of the CyberPower Zeus Mini, which we reviewed with a Core i7-4770K at its standard clock. While it’s second best in this comparison, we must note that the Torq we reviewed cost over $8,200. The less expensive Digital Storm system obviously provides better value.

To see how this rig stands up in real-world gaming situations, we loaded our usual test suite ofTotal War: Rome IIBattlefield 4, and League of Legends. All three were tested at 1080p resolution, and frame rates were recorded with FRAPS.

That leaves the Bolt II with only one challenger; the Origin Chronos, which is available in a super-slim Silverstone RVZ01 case.